2014 Beauty Wishlist

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why hello there!

Fancy seein' you here.

I've been reading a gazillion and one blog posts on things people got over the holidays or things people want from Spring 2014 lines and things people want in 2014 in general. And it's healthy to want every now and then..or all the time. So, I thought, why not make a post about it?

I just recently started to sparingly purchase more higher end beauty products, which are very interesting to try. If you're like me, you do TONS of research before buying an expensive product. You want to make sure you like it before you pay xx dollars for it. I don't have too many urgent needs right now, as I just got stocked up from the drugstore as well as Sephora and the Tarte website, but lists make me feel a tad more organized. I complied a list of a few items I want this year and now I'm about to share it with y'all!

There will definitely be some more add-ons in the near future, but here's what I have for now:

See you on Friday!


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