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Makeup Palette Collection

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 Hello. It me.

I haven't posted in (almost) a year. But I didn't have a camera and I didn't feel like looking for pictures on Tumblr or anywhere else on the Internet because I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet. But I just got a new camera for Christmas and I'm back. With HQ photos, even though they aren't edited and were taken very quickly. I'll get better at that.

But I collected tons of makeup over the past year. Today, I'll show you my high-end makeup palettes. These aren't necessarily the greatest out there (or in any specific order), but it's what I have and I'mma give my opinion on 'em. Let's get this show on the road then, shall we?

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette

I got this one as a present last week, so I've barely used it at all yet. The pigmentation and quality is fantastic, as it should be for $49. I wouldn't say the colors are wearable for an every day look though, as I once that they would be. I also really don't like that the little pots that the shadows are in are magnetic because whenever I pick up the palette, they fall out and move around, damaging the other shadows. I'm really not a fan of the hard shelled packaging, but the shadows are all beautiful and they smell like chocolate, so I can't complain too much.

I bought this one in the beginning of the year because I knew it was one of the rare cool-toned eye shadow palettes out there. Since I'm a cool-toned girl, I was fawning over it when I first bought it. I'd say the colors are decently wearable, but I've recently been neglected it for some reason. I really should get back into using it because all the shades are beautiful and highly pigmented.

I believe I received this palette 2 years ago for a Christmas present. Or maybe just one? I can't remember, but it was the year it came out right before the holidays! It was my high-end makeup product and I absolutely adored it at first. It's still my favorite aesthetically pleasing makeup palette to look at, but I rarely use it anymore. The colors just don't seem to look all that great with my fair skin and cool undertone for some reason, which is a shame. Don't get me wrong, I'd still recommend it to anyone who is into this kind of stuff and I'm sure we all know how amazing the Naked palettes are, but I only use it for special occasions very minimally. 

I've only had this gorgeous palette for a little less than a week, but I'm already in love. It's pretty amazing for contouring fair skin like mine, although I haven't tried any other contour palettes yet. I usually got by by using a bronzer that was a little darker than my skin tone. The first highlight shade in this palette is absolutely stunning for my skin! And the banana shade in the middle is excellent for setting the under-eye area. I use the first contour shade to begin the contour and if I'm going to a fancy event (like a Christmas party), I darken it up ever-so-slightly with the two other shades. It's amazingly pigmented and soooo blendable and user friendly in case you make any mistakes. 10/10 would rec.

5. Too Faced Star Dust by Vegas Nay Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition)

Funny story. I actually went in to Ulta a few months ago with the intent to purchase the Chocolate Bar palette before I received it as a gift. I ended up walking out with this bad boy after some help from an employee there. Thank God for her because this is hands down my favorite purchase I've made for myself. I got this palette in a giftset that came with eye glitter, Shadow Insurance Primer, and a bunch of detailed cards to get different looks with these shadows (which are way better than the Chocolate Bar palette ones of the same brand!!). I believe it was around $40-$50, which isn't bad at all, in my opinion, for the quality. I would have never pictured myself liking and wearing so often the colors in this palette, but it's turned out to be the best one so far. It has every color you'd ever need in only 12 shades somehow. But I'm in love with it and if you can still get your hands on it, I'd highly recommend that you do.

If anyone wants me to do some tutorials with any of these palettes, feel free to leave a comment! And if anyone has any recommendations for me, please let me know because I'd love to hear them!

xox. Larissa

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Books, Books, Books!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here's a quick list of a few books I've been interested in lately. I hope they inspire you in some way, shape, or form!

Of course, I had to add a few magazines in there. They absolutely count as reading if you really read the articles and don't just skim the pictures.

Recently read: 

  • IT by Alexa Chung
  • Teen Vogue February Edition
  • The Bell Jar
  • Michelle Phan - Make Up

To be read:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • Peter Pan
  • Fangirl
  • Darling Magazine Issue No. 10
  • Slice of Cherry
  • Rebels: City of Indra

If anyone has any book recommendations or anything they want me to review, just put it down in the comments! Have a lovely day x

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Welcoming 2015.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

As I look back on my post from last year about New Years Resolutions, I am finding that I have accomplished many of them. Now they seem like they were so simple, but at the time they were completely the opposite. Over 2014, I have heard many people's opinions on various topics and have been able to personally find a part of my own voice through the world's. I have gathered and collected my own thoughts and opinions that are..mine. Something I can call my own. These ideas that I have concocted in my own head that were inspired by people I don't even know. It's amazing in a way.

I have also figured out myself that I have so, so many different thoughts I want to share with the world, but it would be impossible to fit them all in a single post. Even if I tried, I'm sure I would forget a few.

This year, I want to simplify my life. I don't want to think ahead or think about the past. I want to live in the now, as cheesy as that sounds. You can't change your past. You can't control your future, only do things now that may direct it. There is no reason to worry about anything except what you are doing right now, today.

The one trend I loved this past year was self love. Even if most of it was in a cocky, arrogant form - it was such a great message. I am a firm believer in the fact that you cannot love other people until you learn to love yourself. I can make a whole other post on that though. Loving and taking care of yourself is honestly the most important part of living.

So here are a few of my New Years Resolutions.

1. To take care of myself. Drink a lot of water, eat whenever I'm hungry and stop whenever I'm full. Take off my makeup every night, brush my hair every day,
2. Treat myself.
3. Inspire others.
4. Make some new friends.
5. Stop judging people at first glance.
6. Be more optimistic.
7. Save up money.
8. Read and write every day.

I highly encourage you all to make a small set of your own resolutions for this year. Just some small, simple things. Like listen to new music - branch out. Try new foods. Google something you hear that sounds interesting to you! Learning a few new things everyday is what life's all about. Even if they seem stupid and useless at the time. No information is ever useless. Good luck and I wish you all the best 2015!

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