My Colourpop Collection. (Mini Reviews + A Single Swatch)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Today, I have a little Colourpop Cosmetics collection for you. Just some mini reviews, and a itty bitty swatch at the end. Since this is a pretty new brand to me, the reviews won't be completely in depth, but hey - I'll try my best!

Highlighters ($8 each)

Lunch Money (left) 
Smoke N Whistles (right) 

Before going out on a limb to purchase these cream highlighters, I was a little suspicious. I'd never tried a cream highlighter before and wasn't sure how it was going to work out. Long story short - easiest highlighters to use by far. I just take my ring finger and pop it right on to my cheekbones, nose, and wherever else I want to highlight that day. They're super creamy and blendable if you make a lil' mistake. 

 Supershock Blush ($8 each)


Having only used this twice, I'd say it's a pretty blendable and natural shade for me. I really like it for minimal makeup days.

 Supershock Shadow ($5 each)


Honestly, I'm way too lazy to individually label all of these shadows. But I can certainly tell you which ones I have and love. First off, the formula for these is amazing. They're so creamy and blendable, like most of their other products. I'm getting repetitive here, but it's true. They're all amazing and you can probably find an eyeshadow for any occasion in their vast collection. The best part is that they're all only $5 which is extremely cheap for a single shadow! I usually use my finger to get the product onto my eyelid and then use a synthetic brush to help blend more precisely. I love the combo of 3 and Smash together to wear everyday.

Creme Gel Liners ($5 each)


I thought these were going to be some of my favorites in my first purchase from Colourpop, but I was sadly mistaken. Both are quite cheaply packaged and when I opened them, the stick of liner seems to be too thin, so they break off with any pressure put to them. They aren't exactly user friendly either. The color pigmentation and formula is great though, so I'd recommend to go for the pots of gel liner instead of the stick even though they are a little pricier.

Lippies ($5-6 each)

Lippie Primer ($5)

Lippie Stick in Lumiere

Pencils in Lumiere and Bound

Ultra Matte Lippies in Solow, Clueless, Trap, and More Better ($6 each)

These being the first liquid matte lipsticks I've tried, are very well done. The first 3 listed are quite similar shades, but those are my favorite kind. If anyone else is fair like me, let me just say that these lippies could go either way on you. All of them are darker on me than in the swatches I've seen on their website or on other people. Looking through a few reviews, other people have the same issue. More Better is the darkest red I've ever used and I don't use it often, but it's fun to have around just in case. As for all the others I own - they are all neutrals that I love to wear on a daily basis. I'm still testing out my new Matte Lippies, but so far, I love them. The only complaint I have is that they make me a little uncomfortable with how drying the formula is. Just make sure to moisturize before applying the Lippie!

Lumiere is such a gorgeous shade that I'd recommend for anyone. It's just the right combo between neutral and a pop of color with it's purple undertones. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it as well. And I'm totally here for it being created by my girl, Kathleen.

I bought Bound because it was supposedly a good brownish color to get that Kylie lip, and I'm not ashamed to say that's why I got it. I don't use it as often as I thought I would, but I usually pair it with Modest lipstick by Mac.

For some reason, my idiotic self forgot to take individual pictures of my (probably favorite) lip products. Good news is that I took a ridiculous amount of selfies in the color I'm wearing today.

Swatched below is the Ultra Matte Lippie in Clueless!

(I was really feelin' myself, I told y'all..)

Exciting news thoughhh. I'm going to NYC this weekend, so I'll definitely be taking PLENTY of pictures. I already have a few outfit and makeup ideas too, so hopefully I can get someone in my fam to take pictures of my OOTDs (is that still a thing?). 

 Comment your favorite Colourpop products, so I can try a few more.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Larissa xo.

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