First Impressions - Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Overall, today was a pretty good day. I slept in until noon then raced to get ready to go to the mall. I made plans with my best friend previously for us to spend a few hours shopping before we would have to go back to school on Tuesday. I did a little damage, you could say...Only three stores though, so it's alright. We'll start off with Bath and Body Works. A while back I heard of their aromatherapy collection and was instantly intrigued. It's just so fascinating that a simple scent could completely transform your mood. And Bath and Body Works makes that luxury affordable. I've been wanting to try these products for a while, but wasn't able to purchase them until today. I ended up with two items - the Eucalyptus Tea Stress Relief Body Lotion and the Lavender Vanilla Sleep Pillow Mist. (Looking up those links, I've discovered that they're having $1 shipping on any order over $25 with the promo code PREZDAY In case you wanted to know (: ) 

The Eucalyptus Tea Stress Relief Body Lotion smells..just so relaxing. It's very soft and light and fluffy and not overwhelming whatsoever. I don't think it's great if you want to moisturize though. Just specifically for stress relief, I would say. I'll be sticking to my trusty Lush products for moisturization, if that's a word. It feels as if a knot in my stomach is being detangled when I smell this stuff.

The Lavender Vanilla Sleep Pillow Mist has got to be my favorite right now. The smell of this is incredible!!! It relaxes you and you honestly don't even have to spray it right before bed. It's supposed to relax you before you hit the hay, but I sprayed it all over my sheets the minute I got home. (I was a little excited, okay?) The smell is almost..sweet. I was a little hesitant to buy this because I hate the smell of lavender, but it is actually quite subtle and the whisps of vanilla make it so much more bearable. 

Have any of you guys tried aromatherapy products? What do you do to de-stress, if something else?


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  1. wow this sounds really good... :)