Saturday, December 28, 2013

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I'm not so good at these introduction things. I debated just hopping into blogging, but finally decided that that wouldn't be fair on your behalf. And also quite confusing.

Bonjour, reader.

I go by pretty much any name you wanna call me. Although, Larissa is the one on my birth certificate. I'm fourteen years old and have a passion for these magical things called donuts. (insert 'ooo's' and 'ahh's' here)

I like how people can change a statement with the tone of their voices or their risen eyebrows.
I want to make people feel happy about themselves. I'm working on that one even if it may not seem like that now.
The worst feeling in the world in when you fall asleep surrounded by people and wake up only to realize none of them are there any longer. Is that silly?
I'm re-reading that and it seems metaphorical. I assure you it is not meant to be. I wrote it in a literal sense. Like when you pass out on your couch after a hard day at school while watching TV with your family and wake up, but finding it's past midnight and your family is in bed.
Might just be me.
My favorite books are The Selection series by Kiera Cass.
Don't ask me who my favorite singer is because I have way too many and can't choose a favorite.

I created this blog to rant, share recipes, review books, TV shows, movies, beauty products, and to show maybe a few outfit of the days as well as share life experiences.

I want to inspire others and I know that sounds hashtag artsy and whatever, but it's true so.

Oh, and I'll have posts every Monday and Friday! For now, at least.

If you have a question, comment, concern, or something you want me to write about, certainly just leave a comment and it will be answered ASAP.

Ciao for now, muffins!

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